Diesel cryogenic fluid improver XY-1

ABS Compound Antioxidant

1. Introduction:

The product of XY-668 compound antioxidant is an efficient special antioxidant for ABS, which is compounded by two efficient non-symmetrical hindered phenolic antioxidants as the key antioxidants synergized by auxiliary antioxidants which are then further emulsified. The product shows characteristics of high efficiency of anti-oxygen, high thermal stability, UV-resistant, and no pollution. Therefore, it can effectively extend the anti-oxygen time for ABS powder, and enhance the weather-ability of finished products.


2. Specifications





Yellowish liquid emulsion

Ph valume


Solid content



3. Applications, package and storage

1) The product is now being used by ABS Plant with an annual capacity of 180,000 MT of PechoChina Jilin Pechochemical Company. The product replaced the former imported product 425.

2) Storage: Store it at the ambient temperature between 10-40 ℃.

3) Package: 170kgs/ plastic barrel net.


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