Diesel cryogenic fluid improver XY-1

Polyethylene catalyst


JHL-I is a new type of high efficient gaseous phase polyethylene catalyst which is suitable for UNIPOL process, being a dry powder catalyst to the TiCl4-Mg powder series. It can be used to catalyze production of polyethylene of full density, and users need not to change the catalyst when producing narrow MWD of high, middle or low density products. The operating condition of the reactor is the same as the original patent design.

In comparison with similar products, the powder of JHL-I series shows a good shape and very narrow range in it’s distribution, and the powder particals will not break, block or agglutinate with good fluidity. It is easy to measure and feed in .









Activity KgPE/kgcat




Ti contents wt %


THF contents wt %


Mg contents wt%


Average particle size (um)


Bulk density g/cm­­3



3、Applications,Storage and Package

1) When the reactor is running under normal conditions, JHL-I(I) can be used to produce all products with low or middle density and part products with high density.

When the reactor is running under normal or condensation conditions, JHL-I(II) can be used to produce all products with low or middle density and part products with high density.

JHL-I(III) can be used to produce all HDPE products.

2) This product is sealed with nitrogen for protection, and placed in cool, dry storage, avoiding direct sunshine, rain, and fire. For transportation, also avoid sunshine, rain and  impact.

3) 220kg net clean Steel drum.


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