Diesel cryogenic fluid improver XY-1
NO. Products Products list Details
 1  CHLOROSULFONATED POLYETHYLENE ( CSM - ELASTOMER )  Rubber and Plastic Series Details
 2  EPDM  Rubber and Plastic Series Details
 3  STYRENE BUTADIENE RUBBER  Rubber and Plastic Series Details
 4  Industrial Lubricant  Lubricant Series Details
 5  Automobile Oil  Lubricant Series Details
 6  Long-effective Environmental Protection Type Coolant for vehicle  Antifreezing Fluid Details
 7  Xingyun Brand Long-life Antifreezing Fluid  Antifreezing Fluid Details
 8  Carbon Fiber Packing  Sealing Materials Details
 9  Flexible Graphite Packing Rings  Sealing Materials Details
 10  Carbon Film PTFE Packing  Sealing Materials Details
 11  Ring-Type Metal Gaskets  Sealing Materials Details
 12  Non-metal Gaskets and Flexible Graphite Composite Gaskets  Sealing Materials Details
 13  Serrated Metal Gaskets  Sealing Materials Details
 14  Metal Jacketed Gaskets  Sealing Materials Details
 15  Metal Spiral-Wound Gaskets  Sealing Materials Details
 16  Inhibitor in Quench Oil Tower XY-1  Ethylene Auxiliaries Details
 17  Inhibitor in Compressor XY-1  Ethylene Auxiliaries Details
 18  C3~C5 InhibitorXY-1  Ethylene Auxiliaries Details
 19  Viscosity retarder for ethylene quench oil XY-1  Ethylene Auxiliaries Details
 20  Dispersion and corrosion inhibitor for ethylene process water XY-1  Ethylene Auxiliaries Details

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